CAVALIER is the brainchild of married mavericks Angela Chong and Perry Lam who design for a brave and brazen freedom of expression. 

Following the natural course of life, CAVALIER debuted with a children’s line of apparel. The collection was sparked by the thrill of kids playing dress-up in their parents’ closets and the vision to clothe little sartorial people. Angela muses, “Its funny, we got people asking for adult sizes all the time so we caved and you can now get selected styles in adult sizes. We design with the philosophy that each piece is something that we would rock ourselves (should it come in our size)."

ANGELA CHONG | The Original Cavalier

A ‘creative’ who chose to be educated as a ‘suit’ - at 16, Angela gained acceptance into 3 design institutions and business school. She chose the latter and entered the corporate world of advertising and media with a Bachelor of Business Management and Advertising. Armed with over a decade of branding and communications experience and pre-career stints in fashion styling and graphic design, it was time to chase a dream. As the creative force behind CAVALIER, Angela is drawn by conceptual and surrealistic ideas that have spawned into iconic pieces like the Dora Dress, Pasche Dress and Paris Eiffel Overalls. She considers herself lucky to have grown up in a stylish household, grasping the ideas of colour, detail and quality from a young age. Taking cue from her sartorial parents and an older brother, she naturally developed a bravery for fashion and is adverse to gender and size labels.

PERRY LAM | The Partner

The left brain of CAVALIER, Perry brushes off 14 years of media experience as nothing to shout about, “The world is ever-evolving and what you know today is useless unless you continue to learn and evolve.” Angela says of the former Creative Head, “I have learned to never underestimate this man. He holds so much general knowledge and common sense, its ridiculous. Despite his media forte, he can dish out better business advise than some executives I know.” Swapping creative roles for the first time, Perry describes this new adventure as trading the life of comfort for one that’s worth fighting for. Unable to escape the production world entirely, Perry is still the vision behind CAVALIER's look books.

Tying the knot in March 2013, Angela and Perry have spent 10 out of 12 years of their relationship working together. Owing to a mutual respect of each other’s ability and craft, the partnership has taken them from running their own humble media production house in 2006 to spending 5 years setting up and developing the media production department in one of Singapore’s largest leisure destinations.


A man needs few words when he can show you the world in a picture. The loved-to-death third wheel of CAVALIER, Yasin Rahim has been tugging your heartstrings since day one whether you knew it or not. By that we mean photographing CAVALIER's look books. 

Also the man behind dope projects like 'Champur', a portrait collection of people of mixed race, Yasin shares CAVALIER's appreciation for humanity and diversity. By far, the favourite has to be 'We Come in Peace'. Simple but deeply profound - Yasin took to the streets of Little India in Singapore after a rioting incident sparked the further outcasting of foreigners from the Indian subcontinent - this is a touching portrait collection of foreign (mostly construction) workers holding up the peace sign. 


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